Wednesday, 17 April 2013

"Top of the Lake" TV series Episode 6 review

Things I have learnt in this episode:
  • Don't piss off a heavily pregnant teenager brandishing a rifle.
  • New Zealanders will swim in any weather (e.g. hippies in moonlit icy lakes, teenagers in mountain streams).Was Campion holding a gun to the poor buggers' heads?
  • Detective Al Parker (David Wenham) is as crooked as the roads around Laketop.
  • Bjork made fantastic music (cover version of "Joga" sung in the Paradise funeral/concert scene)
2 questions:
How come there's snow-covered slopes in some shots and green peaks in other shots?
What about Bob Platt's kinky sex party photos?

The finale should be a doozy. The spectacular clifftop fall will take some beating. But everyone saw the old switcheroo coming, didn't they.
Hope the bikers are still in town.

Location filming:
I'm assuming Glenorchy doubled for Laketop (as it is 'at the top' of Lake Wakatipu) and Queenstown (about 40 km south) was used for the more urban areas (police HQ, coffee shop, Parker's house).

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