Thursday, 4 April 2013

"The Mimic" TV series Episode 4 review - no spoilers

Martin goes viral on You Tube with his Arnie/Obama/James Woods/Al Pacino floorshow. There's a nice dig at the inane comments you see on You Tube. Another Wogan bit with his imagined bizarre sexual exploits in this episode. I loved Neil's yellow Crocs and his 'art' displayed proudly on his kitchen wall. Will Jean and Neil get it on? Hope so.
Martin is forever passive, hiding behind his voices. Steven (Jacob Anderson), Martin's son, is the most mature, well-adjusted 18 year old in the U.K. A natural entrepreneur who plays golf. He drops a bombshell to Martin near the end of the episode. The get together at Neil's place was quite poignant and beautifully acted. This ep moved a lot faster than last week's instalment.

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