Friday, 21 August 2015

"Mr Robot" - the best new US TV show of 2015?

Not from HBO, Netflix or even FX or Showtime, but from USA Network. Who would have guessed it? This show grabs you from the start and then provides constant twists and turns. The viewer is never treated like an idiot.
A savvy script, moody NYC locales and a standout performance by Rami Malek (the pharaoh in the "Night at the Museum" films) as the dysfunctional super hacker, Elliot, make this engrossing television.
Some of Elliot's rants (to himself or his shrink) are priceless. Christian Slater (the go-to guy in 80's and 90's if you wanted a cool, smart alek, e.g. "Heathers" and "Pump up the Volume") still has it. Nice to see him in something substantial, rather than voiceovers.
Another intriguing character is badass/unhinged Tyrell Wellick. Swedish actor, Martin Wallström, would make a great Bond villain. He reminds me of a young Christopher Walken.
Some scenes knock your socks off. In Episode 9, for example there is a lovely transition of time sequence showing the Mr Robot computer shopfront from 1984 to present day (shades of the dress shop in the 1960 version of "The Time Machine"). I also liked Christian Slater telling a customer the benefits of a 400 MB hard drive.
Writer/director Sam Esmail can do no wrong.

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Ikea : Saving the Planet??? Bottled water bullshit

Ikea Australia sent me an email this week telling me they were replacing free coffee/tea in their restaurants with 50% off bottled water, "better for you, better for the planet". What crap. Australian tap water is fine to drink (especially Melbourne water).
How irresponsible for a so-called environmentally-friendly multinational company to promote bottled water.
"Better for the planet"
.... better for landfills and clogged waterways? What a waste of money and resources.

Okay, Ikea, if you want to pull the free coffee, okay, but don't clothe it in fake 'green' credentials.
Melbourne Water catchment area, 5 km from Ikea Springvale