Saturday, 13 April 2013

"Plebs" TV series ITV2 Episodes 2-4 Review

New drinking game. Watch an episode of "Plebs". Whenever there is a dick joke or the word "penis" is mentioned, go for it. Talbot Rothwell and the Carry-On gang would be blushing. But it's all innocent fun. The three silly boys are counterbalanced by two ballsy women, Flavia, the kinky boss (Doon Mackichan from "Smash the Pony") and the all-knowing, flame-haired Metella (Lydia Rose Bewley, "The Inbetweeners Movie").
Writers Tom Basden ("Fresh Meat") and Sam Leifer (co-producer) keep things bubbling nicely with lots of bodily function references and salacious situations. Classy production values help too - crowd scenes, nicely lit, detailed set design. The reggae soundtrack is a clever touch. The talented cast make it look so easy, great timing and delivery. There's no laugh track.... I was laughing hard enough, anyway. Especially the mutual soiling of tunics scene.
Delightfully vulgar. Can't wait for the last two episodes in the series. Perhaps Vestal Virgins and eunuch gags next week?

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