Tuesday, 2 April 2013

"The Following" TV series Episode 11 "Whips and Regret" review

The cult gets even creepier...

Lots to enjoy in this week's episode. Lots of scenes filmed in dark rooms, tunnels, or at night. The S+M club/Internet hub linked to Vince, the militia mental case; more division in the ranks at Joe's Chateau Psycho; right hand man Roderick getting very tetchy; Molly (Ryan's ex-) bringing Joe old sex tapes and then installing herself back with Ryan.
Debra (Annie Parisse), looking a dead ringer for Angie Harmon from "Rizzoli and Isles", is becoming one of my favourite characters. I liked how she tried to bond with Ryan, admitting she was a bit of a cold fish (probably after her cult family experiences). Nothing much for Emma (Valorie Curry) to in this episode, except look caring, which we know she is not.

The unleashed zombie/cult members in the dark was a particularly creepy scene. Most interesting was the bit about Joe's followers being "anxious to get started" on the big project.  I was getting a bit restless after ep 8, but I can see now how Kevin Williamson is able to stretch this out to 15 episodes.

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