Tuesday, 9 April 2013

"The Following" TV series, Episode 12 "The Curse" review, few spoilers

Ryan Hardy is a murderer! Joe and Ryan both have a death obsession, hence the episode's title. The strength of this show is the use of illuminating flashbacks.
Joe narrowly escaping each week is becoming a bore. Loved feisty Claire (Natalie Zea) punching grinning nutbag Emma and later slagging off Joe's novel writing style. Nice to see Joe (as well as Jacob) unravelling, albeit slowly.
Poor old Agent Weston (Shawn Ashmore), first day back on duty, looking like he has been in "Fight Club" (as his colleague comments) and Joe gets to torture him in front of Ryan.
That smarmy, loopy Sheriff has to be next to go. I want more Claire/Emma scrag fights next ep, please. Must be Natalie Zea's soap opera experience - "Passions", "Dirty Sexy Money"). Fingers crossed, viewers.

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