Tuesday, 16 April 2013

"Plebs" TV series ITV2 Episode 5 "Bananae" review

A nice surprise seeing Mr Roper from "Man about the House"/"George and Mildred" (Brian Murphy) in the first scene as the plucky war veteran. I collapsed when he nutted Marcus. Lots to like in this episode.
Beware Thracian women bearing gifts (in this case bananas). Watching Flavia eating her first banana was hysterical.
Liked the word play: Stylax's nightly "napsturbation" (I think that's what Marcus said) and picking on the immigrants means you might be "Thracist".
Pretty sure a second season will be commissioned on the strength of this one. Last episode next week!
My wife and I (50+ old farts) love this show.
Funniest sitcom since "Friday Night Dinner" and "Miranda"

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