Saturday, 20 April 2013

"Lilyhammer" TV series Episode 4 "The Midwife" review

How does Frank do it? Ever week he turns the tables to get his own way, through manipulation, shrewdness, brashness and a pinch of dumb luck. This week he wants the best hospital for his girlfriend's new baby. Everything works out because of a poker game and a citizens' night patrol (a 'non-violent' vigilante group, the Night Ravens). He dismisses the Ravens with, "Never fu*king more!" (Quoth the mobster).
These scripts are original and ingenious, the characters, beguiling. You shouldn't like Frank's crass attitudes and biases but you can't help it - he's lovable.
His father-son talk with Sigrid's son is hilarious. "Women are food .... nourishment" he tells the spellbound Jonas, waxing lyrical about the female anatomy and possibilities for 'nourishment'.
The cocky and 'thick as two short planks' policeman, 'Elvis' Tvedt, inadvertently discovers Frank's secret. Should make next episode interesting. I'm sure the wily Frank/Giovanni will think his way out.

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