Monday, 8 April 2013

"Lilyhammer" TV series Episode 2 "The Flamingo" review

Watching this show and reading Jo Nesbo novels gives you a feeling for life in Norway – endless bureaucracy and the need to be “PC”. Our American hero, Frank Tagliano (now Giovanni) bypasses the politically correct for the law of the street and what is common sense. He plays white knight rather well. He fixes up the school bully in his typical style, while teaching the victim (his new girl friend's son) survival techniques. He is a novel negotiator with his new business operation. It's not The Flamingo in Las Vegas (the one established by mobster Bugsy Siegel in the 1940's, as Frank fondly retells), it's Frank's new nightclub in beautiful downtown Lillehammer. He ‘negotiates’ with a local bikie by giving him a gentle push down Lillehammer’s towering ski jump.
Frank’s favourite social worker (the bumbling Jan Johansen) reminds me of Jim Bell (the daffy neighbour in “Friday Night Dinner”). 
I like the way the dialogue fluctuates smoothly between Norwegian and English.
Interesting to note that star Van Zandt is also co-producer/co-writer. He obviously knew what he was doing as this is a classy production with great characters and delicious situations.

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