Sunday, 22 November 2015

Young kids in restaurants. Parents, lift your game.

This is happening way too many times now. Noisy, indulged children in restaurants.
Don't get me wrong, I don't subscribe to the "Children should be seen and not heard"-school. Although after 3 courses, I was sorely tested.
Here's some observations from last night's dinner at a semi-posh restaurant:

  • I suppose we should have know there was trouble in store when both parents at two different tables asked their child (aged 3 - 5) where he/she wanted to sit. WTF. When we brought our young daughter to a similar restaurant, we chose the most out of the way table, end of discussion.
  • Why don't parents come armed with things for their kids to do (colouring books, i-pod, Nintendo DS, or even...the perennial smartphone)? Hence their sprogs resort to percussion routines with the cultery.
  • Letting their kids run around the place like it's a McDonalds playground. 
  • Indulgence. One mum walked up to the waiter's station and let her child proclaim, "I want grapes". Mum then asked whether the kitchen had a bowl of grapes. Here's an idea - come prepared, mum.
  • Every parent thinks their child is adorable and cute. News Flash: they're not.
  • Voice levels. You want your kid to speak quietly? Then do some modelling. Speak sotto voce to your child. Kids aren't stupid (or deaf). Unfortunately some parents love to speak in raised tones to their kids (meaning hello everybody, aren't I a cool/caring/wonderful parent, listen to me).
End of rant.
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