Tuesday, 2 April 2013

"Bates Motel" Episode 3 "What's Wrong with Norman?" review

Norman's half-bro Dylan (Max Thieriot) is more mellow in this episode. Must be all the drugs he and his gun toting buddies are guarding in the fog strewn forest. He brushes off Norman's apology for trying to kill him ("No sweat"). He tells Norman that he "should get out more" and not call Mrs Bates "Mother" all time.
 Dylan enters the family kitchen with the line, "Good morning, Mr and Mrs Bates". Perhaps he should have called Norman, "Master Bates"?
Okay, in high school that joke was hilarious. I'll get back to my crappy review.

Norman has a meltdown at school, prefers to watch 1930's movies in his spare time and still has two teenage girls clamouring for him.
Norman discovers a doozy of a secret in the sheriff's basement while looking for the incriminating bloody belt. The last 10 minutes of the episode moved like the clappers. I am officially hooked.
Still waiting for more info on Norman's dead dad's "garage accident".

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