Friday, 12 April 2013

"The Mimic" TV series Episode 5 (final) review

A bittersweet final episode. This series never outstayed its welcome - 5 eps was about right. I doubt there will be a second series as all was resolved. It was always pretty clear this was never going to be "A Star is Born"/Martin makes it big time. The scene of self-doubt in the woods/nursing home with Martin spewing out his voice characters was inspired ("I'm not a patient, I'm a mimic").
Larry the mutt, fridge opening Internet sensation, was obviously the winner of the tacky television show. Another jab from Matt Morgan about how vaccuous the Internet and social media can be. Did Martin use the Fire Exit at the last minute? Probably. But it doesn't matter either way.
This series has been full of quiet humour and warm characters. No 'laugh out loud' moments - we didn't even get a manic Wogan routine in this concluding episode. The bit about Martin being mistaken for a Greek waiter was priceless. And Neil's senile, girlie-mag-reading dad (Ralph Brown) was delightful.

Mr Morgan skilfully juggled tragedy and comedy in the scene with Martin's parents and Dionne's cancer. "The plant (a gift) will outlive her" and buying a "Get well soon" card. The final shots of Martin's family and friends in Bournemouth on the dad's digital photo frame was poignant and the key to the series - the important thing is friends and family.


  1. I disagree there were no laugh out loud moments. Martin painting his clothes to cover stains and the title on Neil's web dating page "I won't make you come" definitely had me laughing out loud. Watched this initially for the impressions but all the characters grew on me.

    1. I agree with your last comment, the characters were endearing, the situations bittersweet at times. This was a gentle TV series.

  2. It was actually, 'I'm not A patient, I'm a mimic.' and not that he wrote that in the card but that he bought one with it, following 'it's all they do..'

    Agree though generally, humble and grin inspiring - nothing incredible - but I love that style, it was all it needed to be. And if they could find some more direction and substance; I'd gladly watch a second season.

  3. Oops, typo: "as patient", will fix. Ta.

  4. LOL bit was:

    "are you a paedo?"
    "what???? ronnie corbert's not a paedo!"

  5. Replies
    1. How many steps on your paedo meter? Does an alarm go off when you walk past a school? Priceless!

  6. I loved this show!

  7. When they rang the guy in the shop from outside and made him almost lift his shirt up and shout the lord of the rings slogan out, before calling him a wanka! and ending the call and crashing, if that wasnt a laugh out loud moment. you all have issues.


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