Wednesday, 17 April 2013

"Top of the Lake" Episode 7 series finale review some spoilers

Beware of pregnant teenage mothers hissing and brandishing a hunting rifle (c.f. Episode 6 review).
No dead spots in this episode. Heaps of revelations and complications. I knew that Parker was an evil bastard. The framed photos of the teenage 'baristas' was a giveaway. No wonder Jamie (Luke Buchanan) was so damaged, collecting bones and talking about the serpent in paradise and "the darkness" in ep 6.
Robin's biological father - didn't see that one coming. I knew Mitchum had the local police in his back pocket but didn't expect one to be his daughter.
As to newborn Noah's father, Parker had DNA proof it was Matt Mitchum. But can Parker trust him? Tui's "NO ONE" comment was true. Could have been any of the porn making paedophiles from Parker's luxury pad. Mitchum probably provided the rohypnol. The bit about Johnno's real father was a bit convenient, but I suppose there was enough depravity in Laketop without the incest angle.
Two nice bits: the shot of the Paradise containers, dwarfed by the towering mountains and GJ's (Holly Hunter) final scenes. Consulting her ipad for her latest investments, telling her tribe they were "crazy bitches" before washing her plate and fork, giving Tui some motherly advice and skipping off to Iceland.
Why didn't the Australian Broadcasting Commission want to show this series? Bad call, Auntie.
Was this series worth sticking with?

RE  Robin's lakeside booze scene. Why do people bother drinking liquor out of shopping bags, you know it's not 7up they're sipping.

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