Thursday, 11 April 2013

"Top of the Lake" TV series Episode 5 review no spoilers

Am I really enjoying this TV series?

But there's only a few eps to go and loads of secrets to unravel.
The acting ranges from restrained and accomplished (David Wenham and Robyn Nevin - 2 old pros) to unconvincing and hokey (witness the probably improvised scene at Robin's place with Johnno - like some Community Theatre effort).
More boffing al fresco (and boy, it must have been fresh, check out the snow covered peaks), old naked birds splashing around in an icy stream and Johnno wading through creeks semi naked after being kicking in the goolies. It is enough to make you want to watch this wintry stuff in a Snuggy.
There's some really clunky dialogue in this ep (mainly from Johnno and Robin). Is it deliberately so? And Al's marriage proposal to Robin, out of nowhere?
Many scenes just don't ring true. Why was real estate agent Platt living in a crap caravan if he had just sold Paradise for two million dollars? No commission? Robin and Johnno's forest trek just happens to lead to Paradise?  There is a pattern in the show - about 10 minutes of scenic wonder, moss strewn bonking, plot red herrings and understated dialogue then an explosion of violence.


  • Realising Caroline Platt was played by NZ icon Lucy Lawless (Zena). Zena (Madeline Sami) is a character in "Top of the Lake". Jane Campion/Gerald Lee's little joke?
  • The decor represents the personalities of the characters. The disorganised, complicated shanties of Jude and Robin.The stark, colourless, cold home and office of Al Parker.
  • An instructive 'How to make a cup of tea' scene from kindly Detective Parker.

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