Monday, 1 April 2013

Cooking for one, random tips from a hopeless cook

  • Broken up dry biscuits/crackers improves the taste and texture of all these dishes: soup (as cheap croutons), green salad, noodles, left over microwaved vegies
  • Tomato sauce/barbecue sauce can tart up any stew, a cup of orange juice is also good instead of just water
  • Satay for the lazy: fresh bread (toast, if stale), spread crunchy peanut butter,  a big dob of sweet chilli sauce and a dessertspoon of natural yoghurt. Eat as a sandwich. Watch the drips or eat alone.
  • Use hand held blender with cut bananas, milk, yoghurt, a sprinkling of raw oats, makes a quick and balanced breakfast (it's a banana lassi, but you could use whatever fruit is looking a bit tired around the place)
  • Broccoli stalks - too healthy to chuck. Dice them, put them in soup or stews. Julienne cut with a stir fry. 
  • Last and most importantly.....use wine when cooking (have a glass on hand while in the kitchen, don't waste it in the food!).
This will be my only cooking post, as my wife is the cook. My kitchen jobs are cleaning dishes, emptying the compost bin and keeping the wine cold. Good deal.

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