Wednesday, 3 April 2019

"The Name of the Rose" 2019 RAI TV mini series review

This is a totally satisfying adaption of Umberto Eco's 1980 masterwork. The 1986 film with Sean Connery was a mixed bag and a bit of a disappointment.
Even though this new version is a Italian/German production, the (mainly Italian) cast speak English.

John Turturro makes a perfect William of Baskerville, delivering the elegantly written lines with eloquence and grace. Damian Hardung (a 20 year old German actor, although he looks much younger) plays the friar's novice. This is definitely his 'break-out' role.
Rupert Everett (has he ever played such a sinister character?) portrays the Inquisitor, Bernardo Gui, the tortured, torturer.
The series is beautifully photographed, some of the interiors look like Renaissance masterpieces.
There are eight episodes, each episode being approximately 50 minutes.