Monday, 1 April 2013

"Top of the Lake" TV series Episode 3 review

More drawn out drama from Jane Campion.  At least the episode was only 48 minutes.
Poor Robin Griffin (Elizabeth Moss), looking like Scully from "The X-Files" in some shots, has a dying mum and a stagnant relationship with her guy back in Australia. So things look up at the local pub, after a bit of impromptu oral sex in the ladies loos.
Robin must have been thinking about her fling with Johnno Mitchum because she does a crap search of Mitchum Manor (missing the drug factory on the lower level).
Holly Hunter (G. J.) is having fun with her intense prophet/nutbag role. She seems to be channelling Stan's sister Shelley from "South Park".
Old farts trippin' out in the wilderness nearly turned my stomach, concluding with drug lord papa Mitchum's self-flagellation by his mum's grave.
Hope Episode 4 gets somewhere.


  1. I agree about the Holly Hunter role. I didn't know ahead of time it was her but when I realized it was it took the authenticity out of it. Not that I don't already know it's acting but when I learn who the actor is, I begin to see their unique tics and mannerisms and it kind of ruins it for me. As a result I have come to enjoy actors with whom I'm not too familiar. Was that a meth lab? They were cranking out pills...but what do I know. It was a clever entranceway, through the shower stall... but there was no further reference to it. Definitely makes one wonder about the environment Tui was being raised in. I also thought the tripping Mitchum and Anita was rather contrived. . . I mean he was hugging moss (I do not need to be high to do this) and she's doing bridge pose which I find pretty ambitious. . . but that's just me :-) Regarding Johnno and Robin's lovemaking scene in the woods, I thought it was rather well done...and fairly erotic...however, rocks are never comfortable...wish they were but call me a prude. I don't blame him for not wanting to delete them, though.

  2. Changed "meth lab" to "drug factory" in my post. Thanks for your detailed comments.

  3. You're most welcome. I really like your observations and plan to read your other reviews. I came across your blog because I was googling top of the lake. I'm looking for some good things to watch and can't be bothered slogging through all the junk. I like your list of supporting cast who add value to a movie. Steve Buscemi is definitely one. I notice some but haven't made a list. I will keep doing this in mind. Sounds like fun. Also, I have to research the others and view stuff they're in...because I don't recognize names (bad with names in general but I'll remember a face and a tune :-)....


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