Friday, 3 May 2013

"Hannibal" Series 1, Episode 6, "Entree", NBC TV show, review, few spoilers

This was an intricately structured episode, blending monochrome flashbacks with Jack and the very savvy trainee, Miriam. Eddie Izzard (last seen in as grandpa in Bryan Fuller's "Mockingbird Lane" pilot) has a juicy role as Dr Gideon, psychopath. We all know who the real Chesapeake Ripper is, don't we?
Interesting contrasting scenes: Jack's compassion, then Gideon's cruel mania. Isn't that Dr Chiltern a charmer - smarmy bastard. Hannibal has his number, though.
Are you enjoying Hannibal's weekly dinner parties? They are delicious fun. "Nice to have an old friend for dinner" is Lecter's fun pun of the night. And Lecter finally shows his true colours in the final few minutes. Main Course in a few weeks?
This show is a winner. Pity about the TV ratings.

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