Wednesday, 1 May 2013

"The Following" Series 1 final Episode 15 "The Final Chapter" review, spoilers

I was expecting everything to be tied up in with a neat little bow in the series finale. Joe is obviously set to return in Season 2 - dental records must be easy to fake - he has so many followers, one must have contacts in the dental records business. A spunky, long haired Emma (Valorie Curry) appeared in a Mobile diner in one of the final scenes. This kid is a real asset. Ryan's ex-girl friend provided a nice little surprise ending. Once again, everything is up in the air. Claire and Ryan are bleeding but not out.
Poor Parker was the scared cow - at least she made peace with her weird sect parents in her last minutes.
I get the impression this show is always going to always leave the viewer up in the air, when we want closure.
Oh well,  I still enjoyed series one. Hope Joe's writing skills improve in Series 2 - as Ryan said, "you were a great professor but ..." a crap writer. I think he dissed Poe, too!
As an ex-teacher, I've always liked the saying, "Those who can, DO; those who can't, TEACH."

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