Wednesday, 1 May 2013

"Bates Motel" Episode 7 "The Man in Number 9" Series 1 TV show review

This show had a different pace from last week's episode. It focused on character development rather than action. Lots of interesting tidbits, though. Liked the spooky noises in the night at Norma's place. The stray dog and Norman were a great team. Also liked Norman's erotic bedroom fantasy with Bradley. Mr Abernathy (Jere Burns) is a great creepy addition to the mix.
I enjoyed the Hitchcock reference of the cheesy back projection in the car with Norma and Emma. Hope it was intentional rather than a question of budget. Both Norma and Nancy Drew (Emma) are obsessed with Norman. Who knew they would be a team?
The unrequited love scene at  Bradley's door and the dog-meets-speeding car scene cemented Norman's downward spiral into residency at Chateau Weirdo.
Next episode?
Dylan and Bradley hook up? Norman takes pooch to Emma as she has a taxidermy connection. Referencing "Psycho" 1960.
Mid series questions:
What's the story with the sheriff covering up for his deputy? What happened to Jiao? What sort of "sales" is creepy Mr Abernathy group-booking Bates Motel for?

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