Friday, 17 May 2013

"Hannibal" NBC TV series Series1, Episode 8, "Fromage" review

Nothing cheesy about this episode. It is a pity NBC seems to have lost faith in the show. Such an inventive murder/performance this week - Tobias playing the corpse's vocal chords like a cello. That violin teacher/maker really put guts into his job! Sorry.
A shame we lose Franklin, he was an intriguing patient, geekily played by Dan Fogler. Will and Joe seem sceptical about the fight with Tobias in Lecter's office. Poor Will seems to be having a breakdown - hearing noises, ripping up masonry, chasing coyotes. At least he has the consolation of the lovely Dr Bloom's attentions.
Every episode features Hannibal's culinary skills, that dessert tonight looked fantastic! How come the normally meticulous Lecter was unshaven in a few scenes ... did Tobias get him rattled?
Fingers crossed NBC renews this classy show.

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