Saturday, 11 May 2013

"Hannibal" NBC Series 1, Episode 7 "Sorbet" review

This episode was a real feast, beginning with an amazing scene showing a journey through the opera singer's vocal cords, Hannibal in the audience looking uncharacteristically emotional, symbolic red ribbons splashed across the stage. The singer was played by Broadway great, Ellen Greene ("Little Shop of Horrors"). For "The X-Files" tragics we had Gillian Anderson (looking more like Jerry Hall) as Lecter's quirky psychiatrist, Dr Du Maurier. Her comment to Hannibal that he was "wearing his person suit" was illuminating. At the same time we have Lecter analysing his Michael Jackson worshipping patient.

The subplot about the organ removal psycho was fascinating. Parallelling organ removal with USB cables??? Will does a particularly graphic mental crime reconstruction. Again we have the mystical deer, central in Will's thoughts.
Hannibal remarks to his socialite friends, "Who's hungry?" The dinner party this week featured pate, with a lot of preparation details.
Good job, Bryan Fuller/Jesse Alexander (script) and veteran director James Foley.

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