Friday, 3 May 2013

"Vicious" ITV TV series Episode 1 review

What a waste of talent! Three of the greatest actors of the British stage - Sir Ian McKellen, Sir Derek Jacobi, Frances de la Tour, the creator of "Will & Grace" - it seemed like a winner. The script was juvenile. And the worst sin ....dull.
Only one mildly funny bit when the two old queens reared back like Dracula when the curtains were opened. That was it.  I've laughed more in old episodes of the 1970's "Father, Dear Father".
I wanted to like this. Didn't these two great thespians read the script? Jacobi was so wonderful in "Last Tango in Halifax" too.


  1. Agree completely. It was hammy and unfunny. Such a waste of a good cast and not going to do any favours for the reputations of all involved.
    Not to mention poor Frances De La Tour being saddled with that dire rape joke *sigh*
    I LOVE some camp humour, but this was just dire.

  2. I forgot about the rape joke, writers should be severely slapped.

  3. This offensive portrayal of two bitchy queens does nothing for the reputations of Ian McKellan, Derek Jacobi and the writer Mark Ravenshill (all gay men) and at the same time reinforcing the tired images of gay men which the gay liberation movement has fought hard to break down. A disgrace for these men and a public apology called for!

  4. Methinks ITV will let this stinker die, no second series.


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