Thursday, 23 May 2013

Remember Abbott and Costello?

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I was watching an episode from Abbott and Costello's TV series (circa 1952). The one about the haunted house - moving candles, gorilla and secret panels. Corny but quite delightful. My 19 year old daughter was also in the room (multi-tasking with her laptop). She started laughing at the shtick with the gorilla and the revolving panel. She made some comment about seeing something similar on "Family Guy". Generation Y learns History, society and culture through "The Simpsons", "Futurama" and "Family Guy" references.

Bud and Lou were recreating their routines from burlesque days. They even entered and exited using curtains. There is something naive and wonderful about their routines. The impeccable timing, the innocent humour, the glances at the audience.
More please.

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