Thursday, 30 May 2013

"The Fall" Creepiest show on TV at the moment Episodes 1-5 review

I am knocked out by "The Fall".
Gillian Anderson (confession: I have never been a big fan) is fantastic as the cold and complex detective. I was gobsmacked when she tells the handsome copper, "I'm at the Hilton, the room number is 203". I am sure Agent Scully would not have been so forward with Mulder!
The gliding camera through the serial killer's home, shot from the ceiling, was astounding. Very Brian De Palma or was it like that shot in the brothel in "Taxi Driver"? Anyway, it was cool.
Jamie Dornan is compelling. The creepy part is how he is living a 'normal' family life. The scene with the psychologist taking notes by sketching his patient was disturbing.
Episode 2 was harrowing. Lots of juxtapositions - the baby in Intensive Care/the father mourning for his baby - his daughter in the morgue; the killer washing his daughter's hair after washing the strangled solicitor. Some good plot twists - the smarmy solicitor being a friend of the latest victim, the final scene where the detective is gunned down in front of his son. Believable situations - the parent-teacher interview, the mother in the maternity ward. The scene with the police emergency operator was a gem. This is clever, but creepy television drama.
Just watched last episode, was sort of disappointed. Bit of a cliff hanger. Is there another series in this? Or does the viewer have to fill in the gaps (when the witness regains consciousness and ID's the bastard, will the creep stay in Scotland?).
Brilliant TV though. Gillian Anderson is now officially a hot TV property (a juicy cameo in "Hannibal", now this superbly written part).
More please.

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