Sunday, 12 May 2013

"Da Vinci's Demons" Series 1, Episode 5 "The Tower" 2013 review

This week, a totally outlandish load of bollocks, but rollicking good fun. We had the Spanish Inquisition (“Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!”), Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain visiting the Medicis with party-boy Torquemada (as Mel Brook's said, "...ya can't talk 'im outta anything!"), a performance of “The Decameron” (Italy’s “Canterbury Tales” /Carry on Florence), Leo being bi-curious, a courtroom drama, a jail break (courtesy of Leo’s bats with bombs) and a spot of bestiality.

Leo’s Superglueing of the magistrate to Porky Pig – the act of having sex with a pig being shown to the city of Florence, reminded me of Charlie Brooker’s marvellous “Black Mirror” (Series 1, Episode 1) with the PM being forced to commit the same act in front of the population on live TV.
Leo’s dad finally shows some affection for his boy and again we get the intriguing flashback to Leo’s revelation in the watery cave. I liked Leo's discourse on Nature - Florence meaning flowering. The Batman-like projection of the man-on-pig action into the night sky, complementing the performance of “The Decameron” was delightful.
Inventive Scriptwriters – 10, Historians – nil.

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