Wednesday, 15 May 2013

"Bates Motel" A and E Series 1 Episode 9 "Underwater" 2013 review

"Why do crazy people keep gravitating towards me?" cries Norma. The funniest line of the night. Her confrontation with Ra'uf and the rest of the stoners was hilarious. One told her to "Chill".
An irate Norma does a Ruth Buzzi/Artie Johnson "Laugh In" tribute (attacks the real estate guy with her hand bag). Seeking consolation, she beds down with Norman.
Norman bonds with his teacher, Miss Watson (with dress and make up like she stepped out of the early 1960's). Dylan and Bradley also do some bonding. Olivia Cooke plays a funny scene after Emma has scarfed a 'herbal' cupcake.
The old killer in the backseat routine is used in the final scene. Come on, Norma, always check before getting into your vehicle.
Next week's series finale should be a doozy.

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