Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Body surfing and snorkelling in South Lombok, Indonesia (written by an old fart)

Surfers' beach, 7 min walk  from Novotel Lombok across a very rickety footbridge - think "Indiana Jones" - ice cold Bintang (large) A$3 from huts (left corner)
When the Novotel was built here in 1997 (about 3 km east of Kuta Beach) they picked the perfect spot. Azure waters, distant breakers, white sand, incredible rocky outcrops. From the hotel beach you can snorkel out to where the waves are breaking, then catch a few waves body surfing on your way back. Catching a wave, while multi-coloured coral flashes past your mask is quite an experience.
Minimum equipment: reef shoes (a must for low tide), snorkel and mask, tee-shirt/blockout (the sun can be a killer on your neck and shoulders). Those hand flipper thingies would be good also.

Next big thing: 20 minutes east from the Novotel is a beach called Tanjung Aan. Turquoise water, whitest sand stretching for 2 km or more. Forget Senggigi Beach in North Lombok! Now the new airport is finished in Praya, watch out for luxury resorts sprouting up in the coming years. At the moment there are just shacks and warung.

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