Tuesday, 28 May 2013

"Oz, The Great and Powerful" Why did critics savage it?

Expectations. It can kill a movie. Sam Raimi had a big job ahead of him. Big boots to fill.The 1939 film is everybody's treasured film.
Remember the very arty but dark/drab "Return to Oz" from the 1980's? Probably not.
I watched this film with small expectations, probably because of the negative reviews. I was pleasantly surprised, as was my wife and very cynical 19 year old daughter. Okay the CGI was over the top, the colour very "Willy Wonka'"but it's a fantasy film. It was perhaps 20 minutes too long, but I had fun.
The black and white sideshow prologue was delightful, spotting the cast members in later pivotal roles. When the screen stretched to full size and went to glorious Technicolour...  come on .... it's the movies....enjoy.
 The China Girl and her smashed town -  quite poignant. James Franco was a big surprise, a very engaging shyster.
Lots of clever links to the original film/book. Sam Raimi put Bruce Campbell (his original "Evil Dead" hero) in a cameo as a Winkie guard. Lots on Raimi relatives in bit parts.
It was great to see Meg (Mila Kunis) from "Family Guy" kick some butt as the Wicked Witch of the West. Danny Elfman's music is always a joy.
Come on guys, it wasn't that bad!

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