Saturday, 2 February 2013

Where the f**k is Niue?

This is my first travel blog (trog?). In 2010 my family spent a week on this incredible island. Niue is 2400 km northeast of New Zealand. Population about 1300. Air New Zealand have weekly flights from Auckland. Go there if you like:

  • Whale watching (middle of the year)
  • Swimming with dolphins without the crowds
  • Snorkelling
  • Cycling (you can cycle around the island in half a day with stops)
  • Hiking through weird coral chasms
  • Swimming in vast, subterranean water holes
  • Fresh fish (listen for the icecream van chimes outside your door - fantastic tuna)
  • Having a G&T at sunset after a day doing NOTHING.
Processed food is expensive but you can bring any foodstuff with you - no customs check. The locals bring KFC back when they visit relatives in Auckland.
Niue uses NZ currency. Fast internet. Buy your duty free booze in town (it's like a warehouse with a front counter).
We recommend staying at Namukulu Cottages and Spa, run by Canadians, Brian and Teresa. Our daughter loved their two boxer dogs. Great pool, comfy units, killer sunset view.

Photos don't do the place justice but here are two: coastline and coral chasms - very "Lost World" and  swimming in crystal clear pools in a cavern straight out of a Bond villain's secret lair.

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