Friday, 22 February 2013

My suggestions for sat nav voice instructions

  • Christopher Walken
  • Carol Channing 
  • Robert De Niro (as Travis Bickell, "You talkion' ta me?")
  • Sarah Millican ("Turn left, flower")
  • Dylan Moran (see Black Books)
  • Joan Rivers
  • Jack Dee
  • Barry White
  • Barry Humpries (as Dame Edna Everage)
  • Paul O'Grady as (Lily Savage)
  • Paul Keating ("Next left, scumbag")
  • Kenneth Williams (I know this is impossible)
  • Julian Clary
  • Elmer Fudd ("I said Wight, Wabbit!")
  • R.A.F. pilots or Neanderthals from The Armstrong Miller Show
  • Father Jack (from the sublime Father Ted)
  • NOT Jeremy Clarkson
  • NOT Marlon Brando (mumble, mumble)
  • NOT Tony Abbott (He'd always tell you to turn RIGHT, and you can't trust a word he says)
Any suggestions?

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