Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Lord Howe Island - Australia's best kept secret

It is about 2 hours flying time (from Sydney by Qantas turbo prop) in the South Pacific. It is part of Australia in the state of New South Wales. Only 400 visitors are allowed on the island at any one time.

Imagine a cross between Tahiti and Kangaroo Island (South Australia). Unique bird life. Amazing bush walks, rainforests, rock climbing. Snorkel, cycle and hand feed metre long fish on Ned's Beach. There is a range of accommodation available from self-catered units to upscale luxury lodges. Weather is mild throughout the year (20-25 degrees Celsius max, most rain in the winter months).

  • Food and alcohol are pricey if you are self-catering. We stuck a wine cask in our luggage.
  • Use visitnsw website.
  • The island is less than 1km wide in parts, total length about 10 km. Hire a bike. Cars are sparse.
  • Pack a jacket, can get windy. 
  • You can hire snorkelling gear there.
  • The local museum is very informative.
  • Walks range from 1 hour to full day.
  • It is hard to take a bad photo!

We couldn't take off for two days due to strong winds. But being stranded in paradise was hardly tough.

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