Friday, 15 February 2013

My favourite James Bond scenes

  • "Ninja training camp" in Nimeji Castle, You Only Live Twice, as an 11 year old, this was very cool.
  • Aerial shot of Bond fighting henchmen on Kobe docks rooftop in You Only Live Twice
  • Bond entering Tokyo subway in You Only Live Twice, meeting Tanaka in his private train.
  • Lincoln Continental and hoodlum getting crushed in Goldfinger.
  • Bond playing golf with Auric Goldfinger.
  • Jill St John with the brat in "Circus Circus" in Diamonds are Forever, "Blow up yer pants!"
  • Bond looking absolutely rooted before Diana Rigg skates up to him in On Her Majesty's Secret Service.
  • In Dr No Bond leaves the dead would-be assassin sitting in the rear seat of his conertible. He turns to the Government House guard with the line, "See he doesn't get away".
  • Entering Dr No's underwater lair (early Ken Adam Bond production design, refined and maxed up in You Only Live Twice.)
  • Bond meeting Honey Rider on the beach in Dr No (this is a no brainer).
  • Bond with jetpack in the start of Thunderball (the rest of the film is a bit of a bore, surprisingly - the remake Never Say Never Again was infinitely better)
  • "Welcome back Mr Bond, I hope we can expect more gratuitous sex and violence" from Never Say Never Again.
  • Bond on the Orient Express talking wine with Robert Shaw in From Russia With Love
  • Aston Martin showing its stuff in the Swiss Alps (Goldfinger, of course)
  • Bond in the old DB5 with M (finger poised on the red gear shift button) in Skyfall
  • all the opening titles (even the new ones)
  • the excitement generated in the end credits before: "The End of ..... but James Bond will return in ......"

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