Tuesday, 12 February 2013

The A-Z of Dickheads

A   Abbott, Tony, no, too easy, try again: Anyone who gets a tat to be "interesting"
B   bottled water drinkers in Australia - waste of money and resources
C    cigarette butt droppers
D   motorists who text, etc.
E   escalator users who don't stand to the left
F   four-wheel drive owners living in urban areas
G  girls with orange skin from fake tans
H   hoggers of the fast lane
I   intonation - people who use fake accents when speaking English
 e.g. "When I was in Fiorenza, I ate spaghetti and drank vino in the piazza."
J    Jolly store greeters in Kmart. Whose idea was that?
K   Kleenex droppers
L   Listeners of Alan Jones
M  Movie theatre chatterers
N   Name droppers
O   Old blokes who wear the full Lycra cyclist regalia
P    Peak cap wearers (over the age of 25)
Q   Diners who persist in queueing in one direction when there are two sides to the buffet tables
R   Readers of Andrew Bolt
S   Story stretchers - when a simple 30 second anecdote becomes War & Peace
T   Texters in a busy pedestrian area.... Bump!
U   Unaware parents who name their offspring with "unique" names
V   Vice Principals who procrastinate.
W  Wearers of inappropriate tee-shirts
X    eXceptionally loud people
Y   Young people brimming with confidence, believing they know everything in their job
Z    People who write A-Z lists!

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