Wednesday, 13 February 2013

A-Z of little luxuries I can't live without

A   alcohol - there, I have said it!
B   bagels
C   cruise control
D   downloading
E   email
F   furniture from Ikea
G   good musicals
H   holidays (a break from routine)
I   Internet (have no idea why it needs uppercase)
J   jets (preferably up the pointy end)
K   kitsch
L   lollies (especially chocolate)
M   massage chairs
N   noise-reducing headphones
O   old movies/open fires (dead heat)
P   puzzles
Q   Qi -  with Stephen Fry  
R   reading a good book
S   sat nav in the car
T   tequila/talking crap
U   upscale hotels
V   vodka
W   wine
X   X Benedict (eggs - okay, I was desperate)
Y   yoghurt
Z   "zzzzzz" snoozing in the hammock

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