Thursday, 7 March 2013

"The Following" Season 1, Episode 7, Episode 8, Episode 9, Episode 10 review

Episode 7 
This was a good one, but I am getting a bit sick of the one step forward, ten steps back formula. Another follower pops up just in time to foil the FBI, SWAT, Ryan Hardy. Each episode seems to have a "Booo!" moment (Kevin Williamson  wrote Scream), the baddie jumping out from nowhere. By episodes 3 and 4 I was tiring of  the 'oh no, not another follower' format. But the last two eps have been solid. The Edgar Allan Poe gimmick is a good one. Hardy's team provide interesting subplots.
The last scene reminded me of the final scene in Rosemary's Baby, well sort of.
Season 1 pros (so far)
Kevin Bacon's rounded performance, James Purefoy doing Hannibal Lector meets Professor Higgins (villains need English accents, it seems), the elfin but evil Emma Hill character (Valorie Curry) hope she doesn't get written out for a while.
Episode 8
Okay, now I'm getting a touch frustrated. I'm sick of the psychos being one step ahead all the time. The goodies arriving too late and shooting at the escaping cars/helicopters. Too repetitive. We need to see some chinks in the followers' armour, some dire mistakes.The closest we got were the fake (?) gay  couple several episodes back. Where are they? Shawn Ashmore's character better recover quickly.
Going by the last few scenes in episode 8, the sexual shenanigans and fierce competition of the inner circle followers at Chateau Psycho could be their downfall.
Episode 9
Loads of fun. New psycho recruit scores Tarantino points with a nasty spear gun scene in a diner.
Episode 10
Yay, the return of Dexter's Angel Batista (Ryan's stalwart FBI buddy). David Zayas playing the nice guy again. A frustrating scene in the motel "safe haven". How many stuff-ups is the FBI allowed per episode? Why would an agent wait behind a door, knowing there are two Uzi toting assassins on the other side?
Liked the hidden website bit for recruiting 'followers'.The Jacob and Emma relationship is becoming more interesting each week. Jacob (now even nuttier than before) could become a thorn in Joe's side. Here's hoping....

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