Saturday, 9 March 2013

Confessions of a 57 year old male

Well happy f**king birthday to me, I'm 57 today, so what have I learnt after 20 819 days? Not a lot.
So here are my top 7, gentle reader, make of them what you will:
  1. Listen, wait and think before opening your mouth.
  2. Whatever you think or say, someone has already thought it and said it a whole lot better than you. Nothing is new under the Sun, so move on...
  3. More is less, in all situations, except Point 4
  4. Read more, read widely.
  5. Your wife chose you more than you chose her, otherwise you would not still be married, dumb ass.
  6. Being negative achieves nothing.
  7. Having 'the last word', never works (see Point 1).

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