Monday, 4 March 2013

Things that make me smile .....

  • our family dog (Langly) lying on his back like a split chicken, waiting for a tummy scratch
  • those Google home page animations/designs, they're informative, too
  • getting an unexpected birthday greeting when you open up Google (see above)
  • those Ikea commercials
  • hearing a kookaburra some mornings
  • Graham Norton's "Red Chair" segment
  • watching Margaret and David disagree over films in The Movie Show
  • hearing the local school bell sound at 9 o'clock when I am still reading in bed (I am a retired primary school teacher)
  • using 'in-house' phrases and words that only my wife and daughter understand the context of
  • turning left (pointy end) rather than right (cattle class), boarding a plane (unfortunately not often enough)
  • hearing the pop of a sparkling wine/champagne bottle being opened
  • being woken up by a sloppy lick/kiss from the dog in the morning
  • reading advertising signs like: "Sweeney Todd Medical Waste Removal"; a retired doctor's B&B called "Bedside Manor" ....or (for HR Model Holden car parts) "HR Parts and Stuff"           
  • going to the fridge and discovering a chilled bottle of wine hiding at the back

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