Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Banshee Season 1, episode 8, review

Most fun l've had since Dexter Season 7 finished. You look up "Guilty pleasure" in the dictionary, you get Banshee. Starting with the obligatory sex scene, but this was edited into a marathon, when does this guy find the time to be a sheriff? The pastoral Amish scenes were straight out of Witness. Loved the scene when Proctor goes bat shit with his dad. We had the longest fight scene in television history, definitely when 'woman-on-Russian mafia-henchman' is entered into the equation. Excuse the typing, I'm on my crappy tablet.
The Amish nymphet in the shower was pushing it a bit, but this is Cinemax.
There was more plot and revelations in this episode than you get in 3 eps. Tune in just for the epic fight scene. Full marks to the sound editor.
A great episode, but I miss the gay Asian hacker accomplice.
Update, just watched episode 9. It just gets better! Last ep of season approaches.

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