Tuesday, 22 January 2013

What this blog is NOT....

This blog is not about my friends, my achievements, my travels, my children. I will mention them in passing but I would update you to "blow my own trumpet". I think this is self indulgent but tell that to hundreds of millions of Facebook and Twitter users. My blog will be simple. Oh, I don't do DRAFTS either. It will be straight off the top of my head, for better or worse.
In the spirit of being a grumpy old man (of 56 years), here's more negativity......


1. Facebook dependency and self-indulgence (see above).
2. People who buy bottled water in Australia, particularly the eastern states. Melbourne's tap water is of a high standard. It's disheartening to see empty plastic bottles dropped everywhere - ending up in stormwater drains and ultimately our waterways/oceans.
3. Parents in the supermarket who hold up a cereal, biscuit packet, etc and ask their young ones sitting or hanging off the trolley, "Would you like this?" "How about this one?" Don't pander to the kid, don't give 'em a choice for God's sake, just buy the generic/cheapest brand or the healthiest one. Too many choices, kids want/need structure in their life not more decision making.
4. The current breastfeeding in public debate cooked up by the media. David Koch (google him, if needed) used the wrong adjective, rather than saying mums should be more "classy" in the way they breastfeed in public, he should have used the word "discreet". Class has nothing to do with it.
I must say, male eyes often go straight to the boob - it's in our DNA. It's not creepy, it's just the way it is.Breastfeeding is the best - my daughter was for nearly 18 months. No allergies now either.
5. Maccas ...let's face it, it's a global monolith, nothing Australian about it, don't patronise me.
6. People drop junk takeaway wrappers from their cars (see No.5).
7. Smokers who think their butts aren't classified as rubbish so they stub them out/drop them anywhere.
8. Smokers in general.

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