Thursday, 24 January 2013

Baby names rant. Weird name = Child abuse???

Poor kids who have to put up with weird first names. The trend is pick names of places or adjectives to make the child stand out, unique and special. Flash forward 40 years. Having to spell out your esoteric name countless times in myriad situations - you would want to change it by deed poll. As an ex-teacher I have heard some doozies. Example: Girl's surname was Bux. Mum went with "Star". Gloria Jean is easier but not as funny. Will it be as funny in 40 years? It's like getting an extravagant tattoo as a teenager and be stuck with it when you have kids. But I won't get started on tats.
Traditional names LAST (endure). My daughter's name is May. We have never met another May. Popular as a middle name though. When my wife was pregnant we were looking for a Christian name. I flicked though my trusty copy of Leonard Maltin's Movie Guide tome. The page fell on a Mae West movie and we had our name. Others in the running were Grace and Ruby. I heard today Dave Hughes's new daughter is named Tess Clementine. Love it.

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