Monday, 28 January 2013

In praise of dogs .... and a word of warning

Soon after my wife and I retired we adopted a RSPCA rescue dog. He was only 10 weeks old so he has grown up with us. It was an 18th birthday present for our daughter.  Langly was named by our daughter (her Lone Gunmen tribute, a short-lived The X-Files spin-off series). He is a win-win for whole family.
I never had a dog before so I didn't realise the delight of having a dog. Great company and a great way to get daily exercise for all concerned. Here are two recent photos - Langly is nearly 2 years old.

Just a word about pet insurance...
We used Woolworths Pet Insurance accidental  injury cover for 12 months. READ WORDING OF POLICY CAREFULLY. You have to be a lawyer. Investigating the meaning of the word "fall". Dodgy. We discontinued policy this year. Buyer Beware.

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