Friday, 25 January 2013

The A-Z of why I don't miss teaching

For 35 years I have had much satisfaction from primary school teaching. However here's my negatives....

Boys Education lobby (they get too much attention and class interactions as it is
Cliques, staffroom politics and backstabbing
Ditherers and procrastinators (you know who you are)
Education Week smoke and mirrors/colour and movement - artificial situations to impress the customers
Flocking to the latest fad
Getting to school early for a meeting that could have been achieved through group e-mails
House sports
Inquiry Learning - it's been done to death
Know-alls - graduates who view themselves as the fountains of knowledge and pedagogy
Meetings, meetings, more meetings, meetings about holding more meetings..... Usually a one-way affair.
Older teachers viewed as relics from a bygone era. I went from Cuisinaire to computers. Sure, I can adapt!
Parent-teacher interviews that are structured and choreographed
Questionable practices - jumping on the bandwagon of every new trend, then realising it's not so new
 Regimentation - everyone has to teach the same way - but we all have different personalities and strengths
 Style over substance
 Term reports
 VELS or the new National Curriculum implemenation
 Wankers (educational consultants, guest speakers, teachers who blow their own trumpet)
 Yard Duty
 Zeroing in on the attention-seeking student rather than giving attention to the quiet child.

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