Saturday, 26 January 2013

I am a hypocrite ....using the F word.

I vowed never to use the dreaded word (Facebook) but yesterday I did. Only to get an audience for this blog. But I did contact a few old work colleagues from Brandon Park Primary School. I must admit it was fun doing your profile - favourite movies, music, etc. I found some boxes were very inflexible, somebody can't "LIKE" something, it's not a valid answer to insert, so you can't mess around and write flippant responses to "Language spoken" or "Married to".
I friended my daughter, then realised you can read her posts....very creepy. I suppose some parents use this to track their kids. It is a quick way of communicating with her, Facebook chat beats using your mobile phone.
Yesterday a friend I hadn't seen for 30 years contacted me through Facebook. So Facebook has its uses. You just don't let it rule your life. I have less than a dozen Facebook "friends", this is enough. Call me anti-social (media). Less notifications, less status updates. I don't "like" products or services - less crap advertisements.

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