Wednesday, 23 January 2013

How embarrassing! Goodbye the (old) Pole House

I am looking at the quality of blogs, full of slick stuff - do I go with style over substance ... I have neither at the moment so I decided to change my blog name. It used to be "I am retired.. now what?"  Very overused, so I turfed it. New name is more appropriate.  I look at bloggers like Charlie Brooker and witty rants of David Mitchell.... I am over my head.
One last thing
Read in paper today that "the pole house" on Great Ocean Road (Fairhaven Beach, Victoria, Australia) is being demolished. Great shame. Inside it looked like Austin Power's pad but for 40 years every driver on that coastal road would look up and marvel.

UPDATE May 2014
The Pole House has been remodelled, the interior is radically different. Here's some images (Courtesy
Photo: Matt Lord & F2 Architecture to read more of my Icelandic crime.... Arctic Chill by Arnaldur Indridason. Not bad so far.

Post update, novel mentioned a few days ago is too slow - I'm half way through, still full of cyclic conversations, book moves like a glacier, hope it gets better. Will persevere, wife read it a year ago.

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