Wednesday, 29 January 2014

"The Following" Season 2, Episode 2, Fox TV, review

Two episodes down and this show is getting mighty repetitive. The villains once again being one step ahead of Ryan again. The twin psychos (Sam Underwood resembling a young Val Kilmer crossed with Tom Cruise circa "Interview With A Vampire") creating Family tableaux (very "Hannibal" psycho-of-the-week from last year). Underwood was probably the best thing in the final season of "Dexter". How come so many film villains have to be British?
I did smile with the grumpy French assassin cooped up in the hotel room.
I cannot buy the caravan hooker mom/black teen/randy reverend setup. Joe (James Purefoy) complaining about his "dystopian squalor" in front of his hosts then going completely OTT with his orgasmic stabbing scene. "Mom won't like this..." whimpers the daughter.
This is overwrought pap. Having just watched another stunning episode of "True Detective", you sort of get spoilt by HBO quality.
I'm over this stuff. I don't even think elfen Emma (Valorie Curry) can save this series.

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