Monday, 20 January 2014

"The Following" Season 2, Episode 1, "Resurrection" Should I stick with it?

A great opening episode, well crafted and intriguing new characters. But I remember I was suckered into this series after an impressive opening to Season 1. Disappointment soon set in.
The subway massacre was nasty stuff. The new psycho/necrophiliac with male model looks (Sam Underwood) could be an asset. As long as he (and his twin) don't overdo the "Weekend at Bernie's" routine. "Huggy Hug" ... karate chop.... stand in the corner plus a grumpy French chick. Funniest scene in the series so far. Well done Kevin Williamson.
Keith Carradine (so good in "Dexter", before that show went off the rails too) brings some class to the show. Valorie Curry's punky new look (resembling my daughter) was a disappointment. I liked her elfen, smiling psycho look from Season 1.
I'll give it another go next week (but I said that last year....up until a dud Episode 15).

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