Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Annoying stuff my daughter does

She's 20, lives with us and is, by and large, a good kid.
BUT... she annoys me at times.
Here is my trivial rant, but it gets it off my chest, rather than nag at her all the time.

1. How does she succeed to get toothpaste drips UNDER the sink?

2. Powerboards always have stuff charging whether they are being used or not.

3. Cracks her knuckles.
4. Uses toilet paper by the metre.
5. Her 5-2 diet.
6. Newly ironed clothes that accumulate on the bed over time.

HANG ON.....  okay, she has piercings, and dyes her hair weird colours but... she works hard at Uni,
she doesn't smoke, take drugs, have tattoos or drink to excess.

What am I bitching about?

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