Sunday, 19 January 2014

"Banshee" Season 2, Episode 2, Cinemax, A spot of Bible-bashing

This show has always focused on the visceral. This episode ticked the boxes. Soft core porn, nymphets, female prison shenanigans, exploding cattle trucks (and the resulting buckets of cow parts in the jacuzzi), lots of fist fights (this is almost a running joke now - witness the sheriff's assault on the Indian casino), loads of emotional closeups and revenge on no-goodnik ex-husbands.
The Bible-bashing (yes, literally) was the coup de grace.
Kai's Clark Kent offsider turning on the jacuzzi blowers was a nice touch. Bloody good. (Ignore that).
Sheriff Hood interacting with Proctor is always the highlight of the show, though. Not the gratuitous sex and violence.
Much better episode than last week.

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