Tuesday, 17 September 2013

What I have learnt from Twitter

After having a Twitter account for a week, here are my findings:

  • You CAN get enough of Stephen Fry.
  • "Eat a bag of dicks" is a valid reply to someone you disagree with.
  • It's not just me who should get a life.
  • The secret pleasure in Unfollowing a celebrity.
  • There is often more twats than tweets.
  • You can be just as mundane on Facebook, but with less characters.
  • It's addictive if you stalk follow the right people.
  • Being a sycophant fan can be fun.
  • Second screening spoils a good mini-series on the box #crapattentionspan.
  • Being favorited to me means someone you admire has bothered to read your tweet.
  • Be quick to reply, snappy one-liners/ pop culture references mandatory.
My crap formula:

T = (SP)+(rt)+v

where T=Twitter, SP=self-promotion, r=rant, t=trivia, v=voyeurism

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